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April Mary Lynn White

Noodle: How to smile?

Do you have trouble smiling? Maybe you need some help.

Noodle gif(t)s

Noodle in the Forest

a cartoon version of April becomes three-dimensional

Hummingbird Tissue Box

A recreated design of a tissue box without the tissues

Tissue Plinth

A really tall box of tissues for all those teary eyes and snotty noses out there

I didn’t volunteer for this

A 100-frame watercolour animation of my face enduring a sneeze

With Very Little Space Between

Solo exhibition at English Harbour Art Centre, English Harbour, NL. Featuring work that explores the notion of closeness in time and space.

The Garbage Poems

This series of poems, drawings, and watercolours is a collaboration between writer Anna Swanson and I.


Tiny 10-frame watercolour animations in praxinoscopes. A praxinoscope is an animation device from the 1800s. In order to view the animation you must spin the device and look in the mirror.

It’s okay to be tired

Come inside and let yourself yawn in a supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere, interact with a sleepy animation, and rest your head on an empathetic talking pillow.


Updating periodically with new works about sneezing.

Unlikely Selfies

They are usually flattering and made to appear casual.


An interactive watercolour animation.

A Day in the Life Of

An installation that questions how the intimacy of a day’s passing can be expressed.

My face, bird face

My face, bird face investigates the ways we anthropomorphize animals through our own impersonation of them.

Getting Dressed Animation

View the animation

Every day I wake up Animation

View the animation

What we saw while we were driving

Sitting in the car, looking out the windows...

Every day I wake up Installation Shots

Images of Every day I wake up installed in Eastern Edge Gallery's Rogue Gallery project space


Work completed while sitting in a tree stand, watching for deer.

In the spirit of gift giving

A series of watercolors based on and given to friends who are also artists

Fogo Series

Paintings from explorations on Fogo Island, NL

Bring to Light, installation shots

Exhibition shots of work installed at St. Michael's Printshop, St. John's, NL.

Bring to Light, individual works

Individual artworks that are part of the Bring to Light series

As close as I will get to moose hunting

Found moose bones painted with nail polish

Blind Contour Faces

Blind contours of friends


As part of an Art=Work forum regarding budget cuts to the arts in NL, I organized a performance piece called Assemble

Wanderlust (Flower Etchings)

Etchings of flowers that I've collected while traveling

Our Memories Will be Calcivorous

Following instructions by Jonathan S. Green, I eat a poutine off a lithographic limestone and etch the grease stain

Museum of Spotlit Objects (MOSO)

Series of photographs of spotlit objects I have collected throughout my life.