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April Mary Lynn White

Tissue Plinth

The Tissue Plinth was constructed and presented in winter 2020 (pre-pandemic), as if it was a prediction of what was to come (but not really). The interactive plinth was first presented in February 2020 at Concordia’s MFA Open Studio event.

The Tissue Plinth came out of a semester of pondering what tissues and tissue boxes symbolize to me and potentially to others. I came to the idea while thinking about how emotions and our leaky bodies are often viewed under patriarchy and capitalism as weak or something to hide and overcome.

The Tissue Plinth is a pillar for leaky bodies and mistakes. Even at its heightened level, it admits mistake and says “whoops”- it is clumsy like the rest of us. Its plinthy appearance makes it seem important but still is simply a tissue dispenser with green ink on its tissues to remind you of boogers. The Tissue Plinth dismantles the social hierarchies that the gallery prescribes. It attempts to comfort those who are feeling discomfort from trying to fit in to the white cube setting.