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April Mary Lynn White

Author: april

Grad School in September 2019

December 23, 2019

I have begun a three-year journey at Concordia University as an MFA Candidate in Studio Arts in the Print Media concentration. Check out my student profile on the Concordia website.

ArtsNL Professional Project Grant for “You are (not) in control”

December 23, 2019

I have received a Professional Project Grant from ArtsNL to complete a new series of imagery exploring how it feels and what it means to be in or be out of control of oneself – especially as it relates to emotions like sadness, rage, and elation. Thank you ArtsNL! The project will be completed between… Read More

Halls Island Artist Residency with Anna Swanson

December 23, 2019

In July 2019, Anna Swanson and I attended the Halls Island Artist Residency in Haliburton, Ontario. Anna worked on more poems and I worked on more paintings for our collaboration called “The Garbage Poems.” We are hoping to eventually publish an illustrated book with all of this new work. The residency also involved a lot… Read More

“The Garbage Poems” in Riddle Fence

December 23, 2019

Three paintings and three poems from “The Garbage Poems” collaboration by Anna Swanson and I are in Riddle Fence Magazine, Issue #33 Photo by Anna Swanson

Eva Crocker’s Review of The Garbage Poems

January 11, 2019

Anna Swanson invited me to collaborate on an amazing project with her called The Garbage Poems. It’s her collection of poems made out of words transcribed from items of garbage she found at her favourite swimming holes and my illustrations of the garbage. There’s also an interactive website that Matthew Hollett designed. Eva Crocker reviews the… Read More

Artwork in Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax Exhibition “Tiny Takeover”

August 12, 2018

My interactive watercolour animation Yawn is in this adorable exhibition called Tiny Takeover. Children were invited into the exhibition to critique the interactive contemporary artworks. A publication has been made and includes comments such as “I would like to see a painting,” and “why is the floor so dirty.” Read more: Tiny Takeover: Kid Critics and here’s… Read More

Upcoming solo show at English Harbour Arts Centre

June 20, 2018

With Very Little Space Between What happens when a fleeting moment or action is expanded into hours of labour? With Very Little Space Between is an exhibition of watercolour paintings and drawings that play with notions of closeness, time, and vulnerability. The exhibition includes frame-by-frame views of seemingly mundane moments in daily life including a… Read More

Showing at The Gallery at Casa in Lethbridge, AB

April 30, 2018

That was a big one! is a watercolour animation/gif I made in 2017-18. It is featured in a GIF exhibition at The Gallery at Casa in Lethbridge, AB. The animation includes 13 individual watercolours of my face, hair, shoulders moving and contorting as I sneeze.